5 Steps to Mastering Your Emotions, LIVE CLASS (Ages 8-12)

5 Steps to Mastering Your Emotions, LIVE CLASS (Ages 8-12)

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3 week LIVE Online Class for Kids (ages 8-12)

This class will meet LIVE over Zoom, and will be lead by Sal Vasquez.

Class Dates & Times

*This class meets every Thursday for 3 weeks  

• Thursday May 7th- Thursday May 21st from 1pm-1:45pm EST

** after you sign up you will receive a confirmation text message & Zoom details. 

For further questions: Contact Sal Vasquez at 646-236-5199


This is an online course to help children master their emotions, and become powerful creators of their lives. 

➡️ Does your child have a hard time managing their big emotions? 

➡️ Is anger and self control an issue? 

➡️ Does your child have negative self talk? 

➡️ Do they have a hard time identifying how they’re feeling, causing them to shut down?

➡️ Are you experiencing negative energy in your home?

➡️ Are you at a loss as to how to help them in this area? 


💥Your Child is going to learn how to identify and name their feeling in the moment, and exactly where that emotion is coming from. 

💥 I’m going to teach them how to be aware of where that feeling is showing up in their physical body, and the thought/script behind that emotion. 

💥 They are going to learn fun Shifting Strategies that will help them go from a low energy emotion to a higher one, in minutes, even seconds. 

💥 Your child is going to learn how to shift their energy, and be massive positive creators of their lives. 

💥 And much more. 



This process works 100% of the time if you use it 100% of the time. It’s approved and tested by my family, and a growing Tribe of other Awakened Families. 


Here is What Your Child is Going to be Learning Each Week: 

🚀 Week 1: Intro- What are Emotions? Where do They Come From? And Why are They so Important?

This week will be an intro week, where we get to know each other a little bit, and talk about emotions, and the powerful role they play in our lives. 

🚀Week 2: {Identification & Getting to The Root} 

How Do I Feel {Identification}

This week we will learn how to identify how we are feeling, and understand that it’s ok to feel certain ways. You would be surprised how many children- and even adults - that don’t have proper awareness and actual words for the way they are feeling. We will learn how to validate ourselves even when we have big emotions. 

Why Do I Feel This Way {Getting to The Root}

We will also focus on getting to the root cause of why we are feeling certain ways, and learn how to become aware of the story we are telling ourselves. The power of story is incredible! If you know the root story you can change the narrative. 

🚀Week 3: {Choice & Shift}

How Do I Want to Feel {Choice}

This week we learn how to start shifting from lower levels of feeling to higher levels. We will learn the power of knowing we have a choice as to how we feel. And if we can choose how we feel, we can become powerful creators of our lives. We can become confident, and our family dynamic can be way more loving and happy. 

What Can I Do to Feel (the Way I Want) {Shift}

We will also focus on some very practical ways we can shift from low level feelings, like sad and angry, to higher and better feelings, like happy and excited. 

Once we are aware of how we feel, and know we can make a choice, then we have the power to practically shift our emotions to create better outcomes.