We are downright hot and heavy passionate about families! About getting it right, no matter how awkward the process. Because when you can live out of your best self, when you feel good about the intentionality you put behind raising a thriving family, you are living up to your highest calling, and that feels so damn good. And it gives you purpose that transcends yourself.

Awakened Generation was born naturally out of our messy process of trying to live this stuff true-blue. We are both Professional Life Coaches, teaching workshops and coaching individuals and organizations for over a decade about the principals of transformation both individually, and in the context of family. Yet there was a massive breakdown in the way we parented that arose once we had a family of our own. How could two people who knew all the right principals be so default-y? We found ourselves defaulting to old family patterns despite all our training and knowledge. Note to Self, knowledge does not equate to wisdom.

Raising consciously aware children has caused us to have to step our game up, and live the shit we know, or else the truth will never make it to the next generation. Marriage and Children have a way of either causing you to shut down, or step up and be your true self. 

Our desire is to help families wake up, live consciously, have fun, and be free; while doing it in a way that honors the challenges; seeing them as opportunities for growth. We don’t play by the rules- because the moment you allow others to define what you can or can’t do, you’re not in the creation of your own story. Our desire is to help you craft YOUR family story. In order to do that you need to become aware, and you need practices to help you do it.

It wasn’t until we came to terms with the reality of where we were, and then set out to put into practice some very crafty tools, along with a commitment to this growth that we started seeing real change in our family. In short, we made this our PRIORITY. We did it differently. 

Awakened Generation is here to help you create a loving, happy family. We want to walk through this journey together with you as a family with an intentionality to thrive- spiritually, physically, and emotionally. 

Welcome to Awakened Generation! 

Right now you have the opportunity to spark that change as a family, and leave a legacy that will effect generations to come. 

{We} are here to serve you.